Breaking Things

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I, Reboot

Fear is probably the greatest demotivator that exists. Nothing stops you from doing things like fear. And by fear, I mean fear of loss. All fear is fear of loss.

Are you afraid of heights? You’re really afraid of falling. Which, in turn, is a fear of loss of life or loss of health. What you really fear is dying or being badly hurt.

Are you afraid of taking a financial risk? What you're really afraid of is losing money.

Afraid of taking a social risk? You’re really afraid of losing your reputation.

And so on.

All fear is fear of loss. And nothing paralyses like fear.

Is it any wonder that those who have the least to lose are often the ones who take the biggest risks and end up achieving the most?

And the more you have to lose, the harder it gets. Or, more accurately, the more you think you have to lose, the harder it gets. The more attached you are to the things you have, the harder you will find it to take risks.

That’s why I’m breaking things. And this is a chronicle of that process.

I’m starting by letting go of some of the things that I’ve accumulated. Things don’t make me happy and mostly just get in the way. In the process, I hope to remove some of the fear, clear some of the roadblocks, and make myself some room to play.

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